Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Truth Tuesday & The Harlem Shake

  • Crazy things happen when we visit my family. On Easter Eve (technically Easter since it was after midnight) the Keller girls were feeling hyper and resorted to making an Easter edition of the Harlem Shake. So while the boys watched television upstairs, the girls sported Easter baskets on the tops of our heads and we shook our little bunny tails. My mom put us all to shame. I had to share two of the videos rather than just one. I recorded one of them so I wasn't included, but my mom's moves are just too good not to share. My sister has been avidly checking our likes on facebook. My brother watched the video in disgust and told us we did it wrong. I wasn't aware there was a right way to do the Harlem Shake? Whatevs. 

  • My parents' bunny also attacked my face while we were visiting. The dogs scared the poor thing so it hopped out of my hands and in the process, clawed my face. Shortly after, my face had a huge welt on it, my eyes went bloodshot, and I broke out in hives. Am I allergic to bunnies? They must be getting payback on me. You see, as a child I had two pet bunnies and I killed them both. Morbid, right? But it's not what you think. I wasn't some coldblooded bunny killer. I actually suffocated them with my hugs. According to my mom I came to her crying after the incident and said, "I hugged them dead." Isn't that an awful story? I don't remember because I was three. And I'm sure I chose to block it out of my memory as well. 

  • Remember in this post how I told you about our awesome prank at work when we announced that USU was purchased by the church and would soon become BYU-Logan? Well, the cutest little boy took it pretty seriously. For a chuckle or two click here, scroll to the bottom of the page and watch the embedded video. This kid deserves a prize for being such a faithful Aggie fan. 

  • I pulled an April Fools' Day joke on myself yesterday when I made a concoction in the crock pot for dinner. . .but then never turned the crock pot on. Oops. My bad. At least we now have dinner ready for tonight's meal, right? 

  • I must confess, I really would like to see this movie in 3-D. 

  • I'm really doubting if I can make it through the last month of school. Classes are starting to bore me, I have no desire to invest time into projects, and that cap and gown hanging in my room have never looked so appealing. 

  • Spring time always makes me miss track meets. That's what spring is to me. Track and field season.

  • Another thing that spring makes me think of is BABY ANIMALS. Speaking of which, if you are in the Cache Valley area, go to Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center this weekend.  Click here for more info. 

  • I fooled BWell yesterday with the old tape on the sink sprayer trick. I got him a lot better than I intended to. I had no idea our sprayer had such power. He was drenched, aaaaaand so was the whole kitchen.

Happy Tuesday. Thanks for letting me ramble on with my Truth Tuesday posts. It's nice to brainlessly jot things down sometimes. Especially on Tuesdays since it is my least favorite day of the week :(. Is it strange that I love Mondays but dislike Tuesdays?

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  1. You were like the guy in "Of Mice and Men"! Doesn't end well for him...I think your outlook is much better.


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