Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Truth Tuesday

  • I frequently apologize to inanimate objects. For example, I drop my phone and then say, "Sorry, phone." The other night, I ran into the wall and I was all like, "Oops, sorry." Then Brian looked at me in amazement and asked, "Did you seriously just say sorry to the wall?" It's something I'm working on. 

  • I often search for pets that need to be adopted and then send BWell their pictures. I just want to have millions of pets . . . even though I know it isn't logical. Brian tells me we can't give more pets a home though because then the animals will outnumber the humans. You never know, the animals could plot against us or something.

  • I went to my sister's district track meet today and they ended it early due to bad weather. I didn't even get to see her pole vault and I'm pretty torn up about it. Good thing we at least snapped a photo together or the trip would have been all in vain. 

  • Speaking of my obsession-with-animals problem from earlier, I really want to get an albino peacock. They are seriously so majestic.

  • I love when words are put together to form beautiful sentences. You know, the sentences that send chills down your spine and make everything in the universe make sense for just a moment? Beautiful sentences are my weakness.    

  • One day when I'm a parent, if my kids aren't super hilarious, I'm going to be really disappointed. 

  • My husband has never seen the movie "Andre" and he thinks I am making the whole thing up. 

  • My sister (the one in the picture above) told a bunch of her friends today that I had kissed over 20 boys. That's not true. It's an utter lie and apparently my sister thinks I'm a hussy (if you've kissed more than 20 people, I promise I don't think you are an actual hussy).  


  1. you are so funny. I have no doubt your kids will be down right hilarious. I also apologize to inanimate objects. It's an issue. Or not. I'm actually comfortable with it.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who apologizes to random objects. I feel a little less crazy now.

  2. Andre was my favorite movie when I was little, so you can tell BWell that it does exist and he's just really missing out.

    1. OH, I'll tell him. And then I'll make him watch it.


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