Friday, May 9, 2014

Team Munch!

Last weekend, we ran a dog-friendly 5k. All the proceeds from the race went to Four Paws Rescue, which is where we rescued our Munch from. I was pretty upset because days before the race, I caught a really terrible cold. If I were better at resting when I'm sick and paying attention to my body, I wouldn't have run the race. But I'm not good at resting. I'm the most terrible at resting. I can also be really stubborn. So Friday night, I was set on running and nothing could change my mind.

Brian and I got really festive and made our own race shirts that had Munch's face plastered on them. With how cute the shirts turned out, I'm thinking we need to start making and selling Munch merchandise ;).

Saturday morning, I could hardly breathe. I ran the slowest 5k of my life, but I finished and didn't finish last, so I'm okay with it.

It was such a good time to see other dog lovers come out to the race with their canine friends. There was a man with the most beautiful German Shepherd that I wanted to dognap, but I controlled myself. It was also a lot of fun because Munch basically had a fan club. All of the volunteers from the shelter recognized Munch right away. He was pretty happy to see all his old friends.

Now I think we need an excuse to make a Luna shirt.  


  1. I love the shirts! You guys are just too cute. I wanna run a 5k with my dog.

  2. So cute that you did this. I want a dog to take me running...


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