Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top of the World :)

Some people spend the big bucks to go to Europe and look at art. . .architecture. . .beauty created by man. I would love to do something like that, but I'm a poor college student, so a big art trip to Europe couldn't happen at the moment. But I did the most amazing thing on Labor Day, which I feel was even more enriching than traveling to Europe to look at famous art. Much cheaper too. Brian and I packed some things in a backpack and we

climbed a mountain.

Elevation: 10,000 feet

There is just something about being surrounded by nature that gets me. Something special. Of course I am a country girl, but it's a lot more than just that. When I am surrounded by nature, something wakes up inside of me. It's almost like my spirit is shouting from inside of me all the things it knows are true. It makes perfect sense to me why so many prophets in the scriptures went up to mountains to become more in tune with God. This hike to Naomi Peak was obviously different than an art tour through Europe, but it's still art. To me. A special kind of art. This is an art that no man has the ability to create. The land is wild.

Untouched by the human race.

Energy shot from my body when we reached the peak, to look out. Over everything. There were no other people there when Brian and I reached the top. We had passed plenty of people on the trail, but our timing was perfect so we were alone when the top was reached. No people. No noise. No distractions. I was on an insane high (maybe because I was so high in the air) and felt as if the world was mine.

All summer long, I had this goal of climbing Naomi Peak. When I get an idea like that in my head, it eats at me constantly until I have accomplished it. I finally did it, and it feels so good! I am so happy I have Brian who is always willing to do crazy, spontaneous things with me.

Climbing Naomi Peak was such a gorgeous hike, but I wouldn't exactly label it as easy. It wasn't hard to the point that I didn't for a minute not enjoy myself, but there were some extremely steep parts. There were times when my leg muscles were screaming at me to stop and my breathing got heavier. The air is obviously pretty thin too. When we were about to the top, I had the hiccups and decided to hold my breath to get rid of them. I thought I was going to pass out for a split second when I couldn't get any air after holding my breath for so long, ha ha. So it wasn't an easy hike. . . .but the end result was SO WORTH any pain I felt. It's the same thing with life. There are moments that you love it, enjoy it, and think it's beautiful. Some days it is pretty easy. Other days, trials pile up and the way seems steep. Sometimes it hurts. But when you get past all the nasty stuff, and to the end result,

doesn't it feel good?

It's breath-taking at the top, my friends. And words cannot describe how it feels to look down at all you overcame. To say, "I climbed all that. And now I'm standing on top of it all."

And I use to think I hated hiking. That's the last time I go making assumptions. .

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