Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fresh. Like Ziplock Fresh.

First day EVER of college!

Older, smarter, wiser.

My frosh year of college came and went and now here I am. Starting round two. It's still just the first week, but I am so stoked about school! I mean, who wouldn't be going to a grand place like Utah State?

It's also pretty dang cool to not be a freshman anymore. I'm no longer clueless. I know what's going on. Last year, I was so scared, even though I never admitted it. And I felt lonely a lot. Another thing I would never own up to. I remember wandering to school here, and not wanting to look stupid. I remember putting on the Aggie blue USU t-shirt and avoiding all my high school t-shirts. I've discovered that is the dumbest thing you can do if you don't want people knowing you're a freshman. ALL of the freshmen wear those shirts when they first get up here. This year when I was moving in, I could spot them all from a mile away.

"Oh, there goes a swarm of freshmen. The big blue blob of people. How cute."

Another dumb thing I remember doing, is when I would aimlessly walk through a building, struggling to find my class. Why didn't I just ask someone where room 213a was? Duh, that would totally ruin my pride. I would for sure be labeled as a freshman asking questions like that. And these stupid things I did get even dumber. . . .you ready for this? On occassion, I would pass by the classroom I had been searching for. After I had already passed it, I would realize this. But instead of using my common sense and saying,

"Wow, you've been walking around this building a long time. Let's turn around real quick and go to your class."

I said this to myself:

"If I turn around, everyone will see me. And that might look pretty stupid. My feet hurt. I've been walking around this building a long time. But it's a nice building, maybe I should walk around it one more time."

And I did. I would walk all the way around until I came back to the class. Just so I wouldn't pass it.

That's a pretty funny story, huh? At the time, it was extremely sad, but now I can laugh at my freshman nonsense.

It also got a lot easier to find my classes when I learned that if the number starts with a 2, it will be on floor 2.

So room 203 is on floor 2.

Room 414 is on floor 4.

That's pretty pathetic that I learned this bit of information at eighteen years old, isn't it? Give me a break, my high school was only one floor. I seriously thought that hotels just mixed all these numbers up in a maze. Room 708. Room 224. Room 317. I bet people got a kick out of me looking for Room 110 on floor 8, huh? That's soooooooo funny that I didn't have to climb all those stairs after all since my room was on the first floor. Hilarious actually.

This year will be superb though. I'm much more confident now. I ask people where things are. I even turn around a million times in a building if I have to. And I have no problem wearing West Side High School apparel. I am getting more into my major too! I am in the right major! Journalism!! I love it so much! And I think I'll be declaring my emphasis soon. . . .

Broadcast Journalism. Heck yes, baby.

I am also NOT running track this year. Which is a huge relief for me. My reasons are my own, and maybe I will blog about them some other day. But the main reason is. . .


Basking in the sun on the quad. Had just ate free Scotsman dogs. Delicious.

Waiting in line for the comic show.

Roomies for the second year and STILL best friends.

It is a completely new year. And I'm a completely new person. Ready for completely new experiences. Fall Semester 2010, I think I'm falling in love with you.

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