Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Summer's Out of Reach

This week marked the official end of summer and start of fall. It's a little bittersweet, which is weird. I'm not one of those summer obsessed people. I like it, but fall is my favorite season by far. So I should be totally excited, right? I am excited, but I'm just realizing how change is such a constant thing. I am the type of person who loves change. Maybe that's one of the reasons I am in love with fall. I love how something in the air changes. The colors of the leaves change. The world turns crunchy beneath my feet. I love it. But lately, I've been more afraid of change than usual. Things are starting to change, and I want to just pretend that I don't realize it's happening. Too bad you can only pretend for so long. . .

One thing I love about summer is jumping into bodies of water. I see a body of water and I'm instantly pulled towards it. I don't really know why I find so much joy in throwing myself into water, but I do. Whether I'm jumping off of rocks, bridges, docks, or out of trees, I like it lots. This week the weather has been very nice and warm, and as fall is coming for a short visit before winter, I realized that there might not be many more warm days left for me. I decided I had to jump into some water, since it might be the last time of the year. I had a break in between my classes, so Brian and I headed to one of my favorite places: First Dam. As I climbed over the dock rail, and stood on the very edge of the wooden boards, a feeling of pure happiness washed over me. I felt like a little kid with a big grin on my face. Brian said he would jump when I did. That was a lie. I jumped and he watched. As my body slid inside the pond water, every bit of me came alive. Basically because the water was ice cold. Talk about a rush. Cold water is a rush. I swam to the top and let out a yelp. Brian jumped before he saw my reaction to the water temperature. Ha ha, sucker. I swam over to him. We were both whimpering from the cold. As we climbed back onto firm ground, I can't even explain how I felt. The water had woken me up. All the way down to my bones.

I feel it was a good way to say so long to summer. And such a good summer it was. I guess I have to learn to say goodbye to some things, no matter how wonderful they are. There comes a time in life that you must go your separate ways. Also, I'm glad I took a plunge into First Dam, even though the water was much colder than expected. I guess I learned that there are times in life that you must plunge into the unknown. I may not feel ready for the plunge. But sitting on the edge of the dock and waiting to be ready is a waste of time. Doing that, I may never be ready. And I might just end up missing out on the best thing that could ever happen to me.


  1. Funny you would write about change. I've been thinking about it a lot lately as I have been watching my caterpillar. I never have liked change. I like to keep things in my comfort zone as much as possible. But some change is good because we can grow or become better people without it. Love ya!

  2. Oh, your caterpillar :). Change is sometimes hard, but rewarding. I'm learning that more and more every day, ha!


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