Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I enjoyed myself thoroughly last week at Selena Gomez's concert with my mom and sisters. I shamelessly sang "Slow Down" at the top of my lungs. Also, Emblem 3 was the opening act and who knew, they have a lot of awesome songs besides "Chloe". Ironically enough, we went to this concert for my little sister, Chloe's birthday. While it was a fun girls' night, I couldn't help but think of my brother who is currently serving an LDS mission. Jace (that's my brother) has always had a huge crush on Selena Gomez. That's why I tried my best to bring a bit of Jace to the concert with us. Seriously, I crack myself up. I emailed the below pictures to him and I hope they make him laugh. We are going to start taking this cut-out of Jace with us to all major events/vacations.

  • I bought orange juice recently and I had never been so happy to buy a fruity beverage. The best buy date was Christmas Day. The holidays are coming! 

  • I think I've sat in our hot tub every night this week. Thank you people we bought our house from, for leaving your hot tub behind. It's being put to good use. 

  • Eating applesauce makes me gag. Therefore, I don't eat applesauce. 

  • For some reason, I can never take Harrison Ford seriously. He's always so stern in all his movies and it makes me laugh.

  • More often than not, I forget to take the tags off my new clothes. Oops. 

  • Today I told Brian I wanted a Great Gatsby-themed birthday party. He laughed and asked me if I was a 16-year-old girl. 

  • I often have moments where I miss my short hair but then I brush those moments off. Well, this time I can't seem to fight it. I want to cut my hair. I mean, when I get on Pinterest and search through photos of Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams can you really blame me? I'm open to advice. To chop or not to chop? 

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  1. Ok first off, you should totally have a Great Gatsby themed party!! I'm having a gold themed party because this next birthday is my golden birthday. Can't wait!
    Also, I vote don't chop. Loving your long hair :)


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