Monday, November 18, 2013

A big fat thank you

A couple photos from the mountains behind my parents' house.

To say I was surprised when my recent blog post #myhusbandisbetterthanyours went viral is an understatement. I was amazed by how many people commented, shared, thanked me, and gave positive feedback over what I had written. It's such a blessing to know I'm not alone in this journey. We are not alone. You have all inspired me to work everyday at being more supportive of those around me. A couple days after I wrote that post, Deseret News contacted me saying they wanted to share what I had written in an article. I am so thankful I received that opportunity. I can honestly say I have never felt quite so vulnerable as I did this past week, putting my words and feelings out there for others to judge. I learned that there will always be people who do not agree with you, who want to tear you down and who want to see you miserable. However, I also learned that there are many more people with sweet souls who want to lift others up and see those around them succeed. Thanks to those of you who focus your time on lifting up rather than tearing down. There is some ugliness in the world, but the good around us definitely outweighs it.

After gaining some new followers and receiving more page views, I feel slightly intimidated. Do I need to start creating thought provoking posts everyday? Will I ever get as many comments again as I did on my last post?

The answer to both of those questions is possibly "no" and I am okay with that. I originally started this blog after a professor told me that in order to be a good writer, I would have to write something every day. This blog is a place for me to practice growing as a writer. It's as simple as that. It will never be something I invest hours of my time in, it's not something I dream of making a living off of. I have many responsibilities that come before this blog and I hope it remains that way.

More than anything, this blog is a place for me to come after a long day at work and just write about anything my heart desires. If you enjoy reading along, then I am honored.

I can't promise you consistent posts, amazing giveaways or lovely pictures. I can promise you that I will always be real, honest and raw.

I've never claimed to be a blogger, but I would love to claim the title of writer.

Ahem, also there is a new button for my blog on the sidebar, so use that one from here on out. I love to do button swaps with other bloggers. One of the things I've loved about this blog is the opportunity I've had to meet so many amazing people. Email me at if ever interested. 


  1. I'm just catching up on your blog! I'll go like...months without reading any, and then catch up on a whole bunch within a few days. Anyways, don't feel intimidated! I swear, I read every word of every post of yours and I love how creative you are. Even if it's "Look what Brian and I did this weekend!" I just think you guys are fun. And I love reading your blog regardless.

    1. Thanks a lot, Amanda! You are great. Thanks for reading.


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