Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Best: Getting Down to Business

dress: Rue 21, blazer: Maurices, tights: TJ Maxx, heels: Old Navy, necklace: Forever 21

Let's talk about colds for a minute and how dumb they are. If you are sick with the stomach flu and you're throwing up, you obviously stay home from work. But where do you draw the line for the cold? Every time you get a runny nose do you call in sick? 

This week, I developed a cold. My throat is on fire and when I speak, I sound like a teenage boy going through puberty. This is definitely a problem since I am a radio deejay for a living. However, I had so much to do at work this week that I didn't want to take time off. I felt like I couldn't. So I trucked along all week with cough drops and water bottle in tow. Yep, I'm that girl. The girl that goes places sick and spreads my germs to everyone.

Then today, we spoke in church. I put on my tribal print dress with blazer and told myself I'd get down to business, just like I had all week long. I spoke over the pulpit with my raspy voice and said a prayer to God the entire time that I wouldn't burst into a coughing attack. No coughing attacks occurred but I did decide to draw the line. After speaking, I came home, changed into sweats, buried myself beneath blankets, and zonked out for several hours. Sometimes it's more important to get some rest rather than get down to business. If it counts for anything, I really liked my outfit today. Even if I only wore it for an hour.   


  1. Sorry I'm creeping on everything of yours, but your outfit and hair are both so cute here!


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