Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • Today is National Cat Day, so I feel the need to give a shout out to the greatest feline that ever lived . . . Luna. I know I can be obsessive about my cat and it's a little lot ridiculous, but if you met Luna then you would understand. She's my little fur ball friend. She cuddles me when I'm sad, brings her toys to me when she wants to play fetch, and she loves going on car rides and sticking her head out the window. She's the best. 

  • BWell and I watched "Matilda" last night. I forgot how epic that movie was. It came out when I was about six or so and I remember watching it all the time. I even went through a period of time where I was determined to be Matilda. When I got bored at school, I would put my pencil on my desk, focus really hard, and try to move the pencil with my eyes. In case you're wondering, I never developed my magical powers. Perhaps one day.

  • Speaking of "Matilda", can I just say that Roald Dahl was a genius? Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Twits, The Witches . . . all some of my childhood favorites. That guy had one creative mind. 

  • It always bothers me when people constantly complain about the weather. Yes, you live in Utah. Yes, it's going to snow. Get over it or move to Arizona. 

  • I love smooth yogurt but if it has chunks of fruit in it, it makes me gag. 

  • I wish I could have 10 Halloween costumes. 

  • I have an addiction. I want to buy so many cute throw pillows that I can't even see my couches or bed underneath them. 

  • My brother is doing just swell on his mission. He sent me an email saying there is a girl in the ward who reminds him of me. Now I want to ask him if he has a crush on her just to make things awkward. 

  • I think Arctic Circle's sweet potato fries are my new comfort food. 

  • A kid on the school bus punched my little sister in the mouth and I feel the need to hunt him down and steal his lunch money.

XO Kels

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