Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I should not be allowed to enter a dollar store unsupervised during Halloween . . . or any holiday for that matter. I went in searching for one thing and came out with a bag full of weird Halloween shenanigans. But it was only a dollar. I brought home a glow-in-the-dark skeleton, an ice tray with finger and bone shapes and Halloween stickers. I was also tempted to buy Halloween pencils and a Halloween snow globe, but I refrained. 

  • Today was my last time with my Activity Day girls (it's a church group thing). Technically, I already got released and they found a person to replace me . . . but everyone was nice and let me participate one last time since I have attachment issues. Everyone came to our new house and we had a Halloween dinner. We made green Mac&Cheese and called it gopher guts. Yeah, that happened.

  • Also, we are now going to our new church ward. Everyone is really nice and things are super organized. There are lots of old people who like to make jokes about how they're going to die any day now. One man told me to start having children because he wants more little kids in the ward . . . and that was about 10 seconds after we met. But all joking aside, everyone was so kind and welcoming. I think we are going to love this neighborhood.   

  • It will probably take me another month or two to memorize our new address. I am the worst ever with addresses. In rural Idaho we just don't really use them. Instead of giving addresses we say, "Turn left by the old tractor and it's the blue house with the goat in the yard." 

  • When I was little and I unwrapped presents, I would get super offended if anyone tried throwing the wrapping paper away. I liked to scatter it all around me (I was a super weird child). I feel like I'm being like that with the leaves falling off our trees and into our yard. Brian cleaned them up over the weekend and I was sort of upset. 

  • My biggest fear is dying. I hope I just die of old age in my sleep. I have no desire to go out with a bang. 

  • This morning, there was a spider in the bathtub and I washed it down the drain to its death. I feel really guilty now. 

  • My current favorite song we are playing on Utah's VFX is probably this one. I know it repeats itself a lot but don't judge me, it's catchy. I'll probably be sick of it in a few more days since as a deejay you hear the same songs over and overrrrrrrrr. Hey, I'm not complaining. My job rocks.  


  1. You are the greatest deejay EVER! Every time I hear your voice, I yell "IT'S KELSEY KELLER WELLER". hahaha Yes, I'm THAT girl. haha :)

    1. Hey, you could yell worse things, right? Ha ha, I love it. Thanks for being awesome.

  2. Just hoping that people who read this blog don't think going to our church means having to eat green gopher guts . . . ha ha ha


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