Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Best: Subject of All Mockery

sweater: Smith's, pants: ShopKo, combat boots: Shoe Carnival, levi jacket: Gap, scarf: Bohme

I am the baby of my work. Everyone is older than me. Being the baby means you become the butt of all jokes. I understand this. After all, I grew up in a home where I was the oldest and had the privilege of doing all the mocking. Now I guess it's my turn to be mocked. It's okay, I can take it. 

An easy thing for everyone to make fun of is the way I dress. I tend to wear what I think is cool, regardless of whether or not it is actually cool. 

I wore the above outfit on Tuesday and, you guessed it, I got made fun of. 

All our different radio stations are housed in the same building. Each station has big glass windows, so you can look in at those working in the station next to you. You can't talk but you can stare at each other . . . and do sign language if you both understand it. Anyway, I get to work and notice the deejay in the studio next to our newsroom is diving around the room very dramatically and shooting at me with his hands. He looked like an insane person. Then I walked down the hall and realized what was going on after another guy asked me, "Are you going on a big hunt?" 

Ohhhhh, they're making fun of my camouflage pants. 

Which makes no sense because another deejay wears camouflage shorts every other day. I never see them make fun of him. 

"Actually, I'm going to war," I replied dryly. 

What I don't understand is why no one made fun of my sweater. A bulldog wearing glasses, seriously? 

Just wait until they see what I wear to work tomorrow.  

I also want to add, we took these photos in our driveway. Isn't our driveway the cutest? I think so. 


  1. Yes, your drive away is cute but not as cute as you!!! They just don't know what's stylish!!!

    1. Thanks, Christine. Ha ha, they really don't though. I work with a bunch of men! ;)

  2. oh kelsey. you are so creative and i love your diy skills. plus i am jealous of your fashion sense. i nominated you for the sunshine award woman!

    1. Sara, you are sweet. I'll try to get around to doing the Sunshine Award pronto. Thanks for nominating me.

  3. Replies
    1. Wow, perfect is super generous, but thanks! You just made my day.


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