Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Oh, just me being all American Girl on July 4th. 

  • I suck at blogging nowadays. If you haven't noticed. But I made a new header and other shenanigans and I really like it. So that's nice.  

  • For some reason, I always go in a panic after the 4th of July passes. It seems like the summer always whizzes by after Independence Day, so I start going bonkers thinking of all the things I need to accomplish before summer ends. Some things on the list are: float the river, go camping, go on a horse ride, put lights up on our patio, make it to a carnival, and play night games. What's left on your summer list? 

  • Our 4th of July was excellent. We were in a parade for BWell's business. Check out our awesome float here. Then we had a barbecue with Brian's family. Both his sister from Baltimore and brother from the Bay Area were here with their families so it was exciting to spend time with them. We also cooled off in the water during the hot afternoon hours. The night was completed by watching the fireworks explode over the lake while we were all on the boat. I captured the grand finale on my phone, so check it out

  • Speaking of video on Instagram, how does everyone feel about that? I was pretty thrilled because this means now I can delete my Vine. At the same time though, watching short, jumpy, out-of-focus videos kinda makes me nauseous.

  • I'm working on a story about student loan rates doubling and how this will impact students in our area. As I was looking up things online, I ran across so many things where Republicans were blaming the Democrats and the Democrats said it was the Republicans fault. And honestly, it all just sort of ticked me off. I don't care whose fault it is, just try to work together for ten freaking seconds and fix the problem. I know, I know, if I think I'm so smart then maybe I should run for office. My point here is basically that I think political parties are a horrible idea. If anything, I feel they just divide our country. I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican. I'm an American, dang it. 

  • On Friday night, we were in Idaho at my parents' house and there were tornado warnings. I guess there's a first for everything. Needless to say, we didn't need to bunker down but there were tons of "Wizard of Oz" jokes floating around. The storm did ruin our plans of sleeping on the trampoline though. Instead we took advantage of the storm by staying up late to watch The Ring and we ate tons of popcorn.

  • My brother leaves on his mission at the end of this month. I'm going to have an anxiety attack. 

  • My boss found this gem of a video today and I about fell over with laughter. Those poor children. Can I get a dinosaur costume like this somewhere? Talk about the best Halloween costume ever.  

That's all I've got. Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. If you're having a "blog post idea" lull, I'd love for you to do a running series. I'm just getting started and would like all the advice I can get. I would love to know you're running background, transition into long distance running, some running basics (& any special tips), what you do nutritionally, what your race training schedule is, and what a basic "running week" is for you while not training. ...just an idea...an oh-so-helpful idea ;)

    1. Oh, I hardly feel qualified to do posts like that . . . it sounds so intimidating. Ha ha, but I'll take your idea into consideration and maybe act on it. It's a really good idea! I hope you enjoy running, I absolutely love it (most days)!


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