Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • It's time to be completely honest. . . I just don't love blogging anymore. I am not sure exactly what that means for the future of this blog. Maybe nothing. Maybe it's just a phase and I'll fall in love with it all over again. Maybe I'll keep it up with the inconsistent spurts of posts. Or maybe I'll eventually stop all together. I just don't know. But I do know that my life is changing. I started this blog while in school after the Department Head of Journalism said to me, "If you want to be a good journalist, you need to write and read something every day." So I started this blog as a way to write something and put it out there for someone else to read, hoping that it might strengthen my writing skills. Then I watched as blogging turned into a coping mechanism for me. It was really a means of escape for me while in school. When I felt stressed and needed to take a break from editing and appointments and homework, I would write. I would write here, on this blog. There were no deadlines, no expectations, no grades. For a moment I could just turn away from my to-do list and write out my jumbled thoughts in a blog post. This blog was my outlet. Now I am at this weird transition in my life. I feel like I have control of my time more and it's so nice. When I do have a spare moment nowadays, I think of writing a blog post but the desire is not there. Maybe that's a sad thing, but I think maybe more than anything it's a healthy thing. I think it's a sign that my life is good. Don't get me wrong, life was good before, but I don't necessarily need to come to this blog on a regular basis as a means of escape like I did before. I don't have to live through this blog. I don't have to justify myself through this blog. Perhaps soon I'll be back for more blogging. Who knows. But for now, I am enjoying how it feels to just be.  Is this normal?   

  • I am now serving in my church ward as an assistant camp director for girls camp as well as a leader for activity days. I am stoked! I love spending time with the youth. It's such a cool experience to see them progress and develop goals. Today we went horse back riding with our girls for activity days. The girls bundled up and braved the rainy weather. It was a blast! After we dropped the girls off (we all live in an area of town homes) one of the gals dropped by my place and gave me a little bouquet of flowers she picked. I put them in a vase on my kitchen table and thought of how my mom used to always do that with all the flowers we brought her. That cute girl made my night though, although I feel slightly bad she picked someone else's flowers. Sorry! 

  • I think holidays on Mondays are just about the best thing to ever happen to our calendar.

  • On that subject, my long weekend earned an A+. We went on several different hikes, hung out with friends and family, had a fire up the canyon where we roasted hot dogs and mallows, ate burgers at barbecues, and we cleaned our patio up and planted flowers. It was a productive weekend. 

  • My only regret from this weekend is that we didn't make it to the cemeteries this year for Memorial Day. I feel guilty. Honestly, Memorial Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I have wonderful memories of visiting different graves with my family. I would set the flowers carefully next to the tombstone while the adults would tell me the stories of my deceased family members and ancestors. I guess I've always had a journalist in me because as a kid I loved hearing stories about these people who were my relatives. One day, I hope I can remember the stories of those who passed on well enough that I can tell them to my own kids and take them to visit the graves.    


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  2. I agree with you in regards to blogging. My small blog (where I basically only update family) was a type of release and I found solace in writing. Now that I have graduated from college, I have no desire to update it. My life is so good outside of sitting down and blogging that I don't want to take a break from the fun to do something that is slowly turning into a chore. I support you, if that helps. Especially since I'm a stranger and all. Hahaha.


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