Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  •  I thought I was bad at riding bikes . . . good thing I didn't live back when they rode big wheelers like ^^that one. 

  • Why do people talk on the phone or even use their phone at all while in a public restroom? Gross. So if you are going to text while doing your business, at least turn your phone to silent. Then I won't have to hear it as I'm peeing.

  • I am now a USU grad. A post soon to come. 

  • I am very passionate about not texting while driving. Put the phone down. It can wait. I think this music video does a good job portraying the dangers of driving irresponsibly. Watch it. You will be moved PLUS you get to enjoy three of my favorite country artists. ;) 

  • Working as a radio deejay tempts me way too much to blow a bunch of money on iTunes. Don't worry. I've refrained. 

  • Anyone else going to see this movie next weekend? I am so looking forward to it. Now I just have to find some time to finish the book! 

  • Speaking of "The Great Gatsby", anyone agree with me that Leonardo DiCaprio is getting better looking with each passing year? 

  • I am sort of obsessed with this song. And you should be too. 

  • This video cracks me up. That twelve year old kid has some guts. What do you think? Was the kid out of place or was it the cop? 

  • My little bro turned 19 over the weekend, and he should be getting his LDS mission call any day now. It's sort of freaking me out. I will openly accept any advice on coping while a sibling is away serving as a missionary. I am so happy my brother is going to serve, but I'm selfish and will miss him like crazy. HELP!   


  1. Congrats on graduating, cute girl! I love that picture. I'm so stoked to see the movie & totally agree with Mr. DiCaprio indeed, getting better looking by the minute.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Highway Don't Care. Can we talk about how awesome Keith's guitar solo is at the end there?
    And I'm so stoked to see the Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald has always been a favorite and I've been waiting for this remake for forever! And I've been listening to the soundtrack nonstop. It's so wonderful.
    CONGRATS ON GRADUATING!!! It's always nice to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel :)

    1. I MUST get the soundtrack! The movie was pretty incredible. I loved how closely it followed the book. And Keith Urban is just amazing, end of story.

  3. I second everything everyone else has said. But as far as the missionary brother thing goes... For me it's actually been a lot easier than I imagined. Part of it comes from the fact my brother is in a mission where they use a lot of social media so I get to talk to him on Facebook all the time. However, it's still great. He's been out almost a year now and time has flown by! Just knowing why they're gone and what they're doing helps. When they write and tell you about how they've changed someone's life and how so many lives to come will be affected by what he's doing, you don't think about missing him nearly as much.

    1. Megan, you have no idea how comforting this is to hear. I'm sure it's so exciting to hear about all the good your brother is doing for others. What a blessing!


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