Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Best: Mommas and Maxis

maxi dress: Forever 21, chambray top: Ross, oxfords: Fashion Box, headband: Hobby Lobby 

After getting lost in the wilderness on Saturday for three hours while hiking with my girlfriends, I rushed home and had, oh, fifteen minutes to get ready and take my mom out for Mother's Day dinner with the rest of the family. My bathroom turned into a bit of a circus to say the least. And that's when the maxi dress came to the rescue and said, "Don't cry, Kelsey. Put me on and you'll forget all about the dirt in your hair and the sweat on your brow." And that's why maxis rock. They are cute and comfortable, a great combination. 

And just as maxis are comforting and lovely, so are moms (there's an awkward transition for you). I am not sure what I would do without my mother. She has always been my number one fan, she came and cheered me on at every high school basketball game even though she never understood any of the rules. She hugged me, rubbed my back, and let me cry all while watching Phantom of the Opera five times in a row once when a high school boyfriend dumped me. She taught me that everyone and everything deserves to be loved with all the ugly and homeless animals she brought home to take care of. She taught me to laugh it off when things go wrong and to always try again. She's one of the first people I turn to for advice and I love her dearly. Happy Mother's Day to all the mother figures out there. I have plenty of other women to thank besides just my own mom for being motherly examples to me. Aunts, grandmas, my mother-in-law, teachers, coaches, moms of friends, neighbors . . . you all know who you are . . . thanks for showing me constant examples of love and service. I would burn every maxi skirt and dress I laid eyes on to prove my appreciation for you ladies, and that's serious business.   

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