Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Best: Super Duper T-shirt

vest: Smith's, t-shirt: Wet Seal, pants: Kohl's, boots: Kmart, necklace: Nordstrom

I saw this t-shirt in Wet Seal a while back and had no choice but to buy it. I mean, it's an Avengers t-shirt. Duh. I'll be saving so much money on t-shirts with the plethora of super hero movies that come out. 

Captain America 2? I'll wear this t-shirt. 

Thor 2? This t-shirt. 

Avengers 2? You guessed it, this t-shirt wins again! 

I also wore this shirt to Iron Man 3. I bet you could have guessed that. 

So you get the idea, it really pays off that I bought this shirt. In all honesty, I would probably consider this t-shirt an investment. 

Also, sometimes when BWell takes my outfit pictures, he talks me into doing ridiculously stupid poses. Such as acting like a super hero. Or flexing like a super hero (and the end result is a picture of me looking constipated). I think we can all agree I should never be a fashion blogger, for obvious reasons. I should also not pick up the career of being a super hero. But I will continue wearing super hero t-shirts to work and feeling like I'm hardcore. 

Speaking of work, my boss still has made no mention of my blue hair. Which makes me very happy. I have yet to be labeled as "inappropriate" at work. Although I did ask if we could turn Rush Limbaugh off the other day, which may be a bad thing. But I just couldn't hear him say "Obama" one more time or my head would explode. Sometimes I hate politics. 

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