Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Truth Tuesday

Here I sit, in a computer lab surrounded by other students who are all diligently doing their homework. I, however, choose to blog on this fine Tuesday about some truths of mine.

  • Once upon a time, I was skilled in the art of getting up early. Now, however, I am struggling. I blame it on our bed. Darn that comfortable bed. Brian and I would probably be better off if we just sold that lovely yet cursed thing. We were given sleeping bags as a wedding gift. We can sleep in those instead. Then you can bet I'll be willing to get up at 6 or 7 to go on a morning run. No one likes to sleep on the floor for too long.

  • You know what scares me? Talking on the phone. I don't like talking to someone I can't see. It is intimidating. How am I supposed to take anyone serious if I can't even read their facial expressions? This fear occasionally causes me to just not answer my phone if I don't know the number calling me. I know that's awful. But if it's that important, they'll leave a message, right?

  • My big toenail finally fell off. Those grueling miles of uphill running in my Epic race finally did me in. For weeks it was cracked and then slowly cracked more and more until it was merely hanging on by the very edge of toenail. Disgusting, I know. Ever since I tore the nail off, I haven't been able to look at my left foot without being completely repulsed. The skin under my toenail is just not pretty. It's all shriveled and pink and ugly. It reminds me of a naked turtle. We all know naked turtles aren't pretty. Face it, I know everyone out there got a little freaked whenever Franklin the turtle was shown without his shell. Franklin without a shell turns him from a cute turtle in children's books to a complete shriveled monster.

  • Brian and I actually got in an argument about my falling off toenail. I kept snagging it on things, which was quite painful, and Brian kept demanding me to just tear it off. This angered me and I told him it was my toenail and I wanted it to fall off on its own terms.

  • We still have not put all our wedding gifts away. All these gifts have a home in our kitchen. It's not really a kitchen. More like a trophy room of all our gifts. Someday I'll be a good grown-up. But not today.

  • I really want to go camping. In a cute tent. With a cute lantern. Maybe this weekend??   
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  1. I like that you wrote about your big toenail. I have also lost toenails from running (I think once you lose one, the same toe is more likely to lose its' nail again). Your description is perfect (perfectly gross too - ha ha).


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