Monday, August 29, 2011

school girl

I went back to school today. As much as I'm trying to be excited about school starting again I'm just. .not.

If I could have one more month of summer, I think things would be good. Really good. However, Kelsey Keller Weller is not in charge of creating the calendar and it's a good thing or nothing would get done. Every day would probably be a holiday and everyone would play and eat yummy desserts.

So yeah, I went to my classes and realized that I felt very overwhelmed. And I still do feel overwhelmed. In the past, I go to class in the morning and I'm done by noon. Today I went to class in the morning and got home at 5. I got home at 5, crashed on the couch and ate a Fudge Round.

Why do I feel so overwhelmed? I believe it is because I am finally to that point that every college students dreams of. The moment you no longer are forced to take classes that you have zero interest in. The moment all the classes you take sound interesting and apply to your major. Yep, I'm to that moment. I should be happy, right? But I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I might fail at things I think I'm good at.

But let's get real, I'm a real worrier and can be quite the drama queen when I want to be. I am sure once I get into my routine, I'll be lovin' life. I am so so blessed I even have the chance to gain a higher education.

So tomorrow I vow to not think about failure and not eat any more Fudge Rounds (at least tomorrow I won't eat one). It will be a better day. Especially since I have English 2010 with husband and Shay Baybay. How is that not a good day, really?

And Bri Guy took the traditional 'first day of school' pic for me. It just wouldn't be the first day of school without it. . .  
Not that it matters but: top-modcloth, skirt-homemade, sandals-Head Over Heels, earrings-Target

Oh, and Brian hates this shirt. He doesn't understand that peter pan collars are cool nowadays. He calls me Daisy Duck when I wear it. It's fine. His harassment only motivates me to wear it more. And usually these things end up growing on him.


  1. Going to college when you're married is a strange thing. I'm sure you figured that out today... Going to college when you're pregnant with twins is completely laughable. I wouldn't recommend it! :)

    Also, I LOVE that outfit. And the gnome.

  2. We love our gnome too!

    It is pretty strange. But I'll get the hang of it. Ha ha, and I'll remember that twin advice. Your girls are adorable though.


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