Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Rockstar is Legal. Watch Out.

So I have this cousin. Her name is Megan.

Yesterday was Megan's birthday.
She turned 21.
Which is a big deal.
So here are 21 random facts about Mego. . .

1. Megan can make friends with pretty much anyone. She would probably become friends with a rock if it was possible. 

2. She is really good at doing makeup. She is the one that taught me how to apply eyeliner. She taught me that my first year at college. That will tell you how pathetic I am sometimes. I am still no expert, but I have a general idea of how to do it thanks to her.

3. She can talk. A lot. Which is a good thing. It eliminates any awkward pauses to the conversation.

4. She is humorous. She can laugh at just about any situation and make others laugh too.

5. Megan is the greatest at telling stories. She somehow grabs everyones' attention with her dramatic and usually funny stories.

6. She is a great comforter. I usually keep my icky, sad feelings bottled up. But when I let them out, she is usually around. And she comes to the rescue with plenty of candy.

7. She sincerely likes helping people if they have any kind of problem.

8. She wears colorful clothes. Colorful clothes that shout, "The world is a happy and good place! Buy an ice cream cone!"

9. Megs is fun to shop with. She is one of those shoppers that will pull things off the hanger that she thinks you will like, and then she demands that you try them on. It's awesome.

10. She throws out compliments like they're candy at a parade.

11. She loves cupcakes. So give her one, and she'll be your friend.

12. She likes having deep conversations.

13. Sometimes she snorts when she laughs.

14. I think she wanted me and Brian to get married more than anyone (besides maybe my sister, Lex). She gets a lot of credit for the two of us dating actually. At the start of our relationship, she was constantly giving Brian pointers. Funny to look back on now.

15. She loves her birthday! Probably about as much as I love birthdays.

16. Megan is not afraid to speak her mind.

17. She makes me be more girly on occasion.

18. She has long and gorgeous eye lashes.

19. Megan was always my cousin that lived far away when we were kids. Now she is the family member that lives very closest to me and probably the cousin I see the most. Funny how things change.

20. She used to make fun of me in high school when I dated a boy that was a year younger than me. Guess what? She married a guy who is younger than her. But it's okay because Drew is a keeper.

21. Megan and I will probably start a book club when we're old ladies. We like books. And we like to talk about them.

Loves to you, dear Mego. You can't go out and get drunk. And you also can't become an LDS lady missionary. But you can still party. And I know you will.  

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