Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Girl is a Teen!

Today my little sister, Alexis (or Lexi as we call her) turned 13. Brian and I got her a gym bag, volleyball and gatorades since she is starting 7th grade volleyball this year. I can't believe my little sis is already a teenager. I'm a married woman and my sister is a teen. Before you know it the world is going to end.

Before the day ends though, and her birthday is over, I would like to list off 13 facts about Lex. 13 because she just turned 13, naturally.

1. She can sell anything to anyone. She could probably sell shoes to a legless man even.

2. They say an elephant never forgets? No, Lexi never forgets.

3. She is a fireball. A spunky fireball.

4. She has a good heart and always thinks of others.

5. She is quite the dare devil. You should see her round-off backhand spring.

6. She is very reliable. If you want something done and done well, turn to Alexis.

7. She likes horses.

8. She can make anyone roll on the floor with laughter. Usually because she says outrageous things.

9. She is good at taking care of people. When we go to an old folks' home, they beg for the pretty, little girl to stay.

10. I take credit for naming her. After she was born, I went to school and told everyone her name was Alexis. My parents didn't have much choice after that.

11. She makes an awesome chocolate chip cookie.

12. She has an endless amount of energy. She is always go-go-going and always wants to be somewhere doing something.

13. Maybe she gets all that energy from sleeping in until noon. That girl can sleep the morning away! but she is a teenager now. She needs her beauty sleep.

Happy Birthday, pretty girl! I love you a whole bunch!

(As a sidenote: It was also my cousin, Megan's birthday today. More to come on her probably tomorrow. I didn't forget you, Meg.)


  1. Lexie - you are growing up ! How lucky you are to have Kelsey--(and Brian too !) Have a great school yr...

  2. Cute post Kelsey and from my business relationship with Lexi so far :-) I can attest she is NOT forgetful.

  3. I'd like to tie together number 1 and number 5, when she basically convinced me that after 7 years of retiring from gymnastics, I could still do a handspring in the yard. *Which I could*


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