Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Boring But Necessary Update

As I was leaving Weston, Idaho yesterday Logan-bound, I got stopped at some road construction. I don't know if any of you have ever visited Weston but it's not exactly a hopping busy place. The most traffic ever passing through is a couple cars stuck behind a tractor maybe. With this being said, I was the only vehicle stopped. The guy holding the stop sign looked bored to death. He was probably just a few years older than I.

"It'll be less than a 5 minute wait."

"Okay. Sounds good. I'm not in a rush." (even though I kinda was)

The bored guy ended up being bored enough that he decided to strike up conversation with me,

"You moving away to college or something?"

For a moment, I was very confused. Then I glanced over to the passenger seat which was piled to the ceiling with all my clothes (I have a sick obsession with clothing, people. It's unhealthy).

"Oh, er, I just got married," I replied.

"Well, congratulations," the guy said like it was the most exciting thing he'd heard all day. Which it probably was.

I thanked him and then went on to ask him how he liked his job, and I kept noticing how red his nose looked. I wanted to offer him some sunscreen. But that's besides the point.

The point is. . .I am now a married woman.

The wedding was a dream. My family and friends put forth so much effort to make our day the most special. I love them for it so much that my insides want to burst. But that would hurt and probably kill me, so I won't love so hard that they burst. No need to worry.

It is strange to all the sudden be thrown in an apartment with a man and call him your husband. I am realizing that being married will indeed be different than just dating. Not so different it's scary. But more different than I thought. Besides marriage being different and strange, it is also a lot of fun and I am so happy. I am now Mrs. Kelsey Keller Weller. And I love it. But just like Weston's roads are under construction, my life along with my blog is under a bit of construction as well. I wanted to finish my anchor posts before the wedding, but who would have thought I'd be too busy to blog the week of my wedding? Well, I was. And the posts are not done yet. So I will try my best to finish them up so I can blog about the wedding and then move on with life. Forgive me for the blogging drought. Also, we're going on our honeymoon to Glacier National Park next week, so you may experience another drought.

I also really need to get this apartment organized. And learn how to cook. Someone find me some motivation, pretty please.


  1. Have fun in Glacier, it's so beautiful! Congrats girl!

  2. That wasn't a stupid, boring post. Did the man have curly hair?


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