Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1 hot dog + heart shaped eggs + Brian = a nice day

Today was a better sort of day.

Brian decided to go to school today.

Since we are now Sam's Club members, we indulged in a very expensive lunch at the Club. We are dang cool. I think I witnessed more clumsy people knocking drinks over at that place than ever in my life. It's fine. The food was cheap. And who cares that we just bought groceries yesterday. It's not like they'll jump out of our fridge and run away.

And I ended the day with a heart shaped egg sandwich. Because I have the mind of a 7 year-old and need to be comforted through food. It worked though. I feel comforted.

Today was a pretty nice day. And the majority of days are actually quite nice. Really, only a handful are bad days. So overall, life is nice. You are nice. I'm nice. Your dog is nice. My heart shaped egg was nice until I ate it. Let's all remember all the nice things.

Let's hope Thursday will be an overwhelmingly nice day. Brian starts his Allstate agency. Yes, HIS. His name will be on the door. That's why he wears a tie to school nowadays. It's not so people confuse him as a professor. Although that does happen. So do not try to hand your homework in to him, but if you need some affordable insurance, call Brian up. We have been planning on this happening for a while now, but I just felt silly mentioning it on the blog. But now it is really happening and it will be a busy and big part of our lives. I feel so blessed that this opportunity came up for Bri. How nice.
Nice, nice, nice.

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