Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Best: The Food Baby Sweater

sweater: Adornit, jeans: Delia's, socks: TJ Maxx, oxfords: Fashion Box

I've been on a sweater buying frenzy. It's a slight problem. Each time I say it's going to be the last time, but deep down I know I'm always lying to myself. I need to go to sweater shopping rehab. But sweaters are just so darn cozy. It's like wearing a blanket to work and no one asks questions. 

I like my sweaters big. Like, if three of me can fit inside then I know it's about the right size. And I like them soft. This one from Adornit is a winner. Plus, those whimsical colors and that big blue pocket just had me at hello. It's a sweater like this one that you want to wear to your Thanksgiving feast. It will hide all evidence of the food baby. This Thursday I'm planning on having food baby triplets, so there's that. 

And this is why I'm not a fashion blogger. I plan my outfits around the amount of food I consume.

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  1. Big sweaters are the best. If a sweater "fits" you aren't doing it right. Hehe.


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