Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate on Halloween

Halloween might be my favorite holiday. It's in a close running with Christmas.

And every year during this wonderful and magical season, I have to deal with the haters.

I hate Halloween. 
Halloween is satanic. 
Halloween is gross. 
Dressing up is lame. 
I hate scary movies. 
I hate the gore of Halloween. 
I just want Halloween to be over. 

You've heard the complaints. Maybe you've even used one of the above complaints. That doesn't mean I despise your existence. If you hate scary movies, I won't think of you any different. But let me love my scary movies in peace. Don't judge me when I fill my flowerbeds with headstones and deck my halls with skulls and crows.

Maybe Halloween isn't your cup of tea. Maybe you don't believe in ghosts and you aren't a fan of slasher movies. That's okay. I truly believe there is a place for everyone in this most great holiday.

My biggest reason for loving Halloween is because it is such a magical holiday. Maybe a little dark . . . but magical. It's a day to believe in mystical creatures and the one day a year you can dress up as anything you can imagine without looking like an idiot.

Dressing up is one of my very favorite things about Halloween. It's a life-altering decision each year to ask, "Who will I pretend to be for the night this year?" I brainstorm the possibilities months in advance. This year I decided that since I'm an adult and I do what I want, why limit myself to just one costume? That's why this year I had THREE costumes.

The day before Halloween, we had a community trunk-or-treat. Brian and I took this very seriously and constructed a lab for our trunk. It took an entire Saturday to build. Brian dressed as Frankenstein's Monster and I was a mad scientist. We strapped Brian to a table we made with chains and I lured children to him and handed them candy. We completed the scene with flashing strobe lights and a fog machine. I don't want to brag but our whole display was pretty awesome. We earned brownie points from children and adults alike.

On the day of Halloween, I decided to dress as Rosie the Riveter for work. It's a costume I've wanted to do the past couple years, so I was excited to finally rock it. I even did pin curls and tied my bandanna the legitimate way Rosie has hers tied. I had to watch a YouTube video and everything. Luckily the video I chose had the cutest British lady narrating, so it was easy to listen and apply myself to the business of bandanna tying.

On the night of Halloween, we had our big party. This is the fourth year we've held the Weller Halloween Party and each year it grows in popularity. With that being said, each year we put more and more pressure on ourselves to make it better than the previous year. After preparing all month, we were able to pull off our best party yet. It's pretty easy to throw a fun party though when you have fun friends. We had 20 amazing people gathered in our bungalow that night.
 We played some hilarious games and I wish I would have taken better photos. If you're a fan of Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show, perhaps you've seen him play Box of Lies. We came up with a Halloween rendition---Jack-O-Lantern of Lies. We were able to find those jack-o-lantern candy buckets for a dollar each at Target, so we purchased ten of them for the game. We then made a trip to the dollar store and came up with the most ridiculous things to put in the buckets. Some of my personal favorites: a toy dinosaur wearing a cape, a banana with army men glued to it, and an action figure stabbing a stuffed dragon. We also played a Battle of the Sexes game with several fun rounds we put together. Girls won. I was proud.

Our friends also pitched in by bringing treats which was so kind of them. We decided to make taco soup this year to give our pals some sustenance. I also made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (complete with knives stabbing the cupcakes) and I created shish-kabobs out of some fun candy (frog gummies, eyeball gummies, gummy worms).

We (of course) had a costume contest. Everyone looked soooooo good. What was I, you ask? My third and final costume of Halloween 2014 was a troll doll. I wore a nude-colored bodysuit and hot glued a thousand sequins to it for a jewel bellybutton. Then I put way too many disgusting products in my hair to make it stick up and finished the look by spraying my locks pink. Several people didn't know what I was and asked if I was an exotic dancer. My friends probably feel loads closer to me now since I practically looked naked. Let's not even talk about how awkward it was to answer the door for trick-or-treaters. Brian was a Beanie Baby . . . and can we just talk about how cute he was in his leopard suit? I'm hoping I can get him to wear that bad boy again in the future.
Everyone in attendance looked completely rad. I love any excuse to celebrate, especially when there are great people to celebrate with. Thanks to all our friends who came to the party! Until next year . .


  1. Wow okay seriously though why do we not hang out more?! I'm the same way, any tiny excuse for celebration I get so excited over. Loved this night!! You guys are awesome!

    1. Really though, we SHOULD hang out more. I mean, we both love animals and crime shows. What more do you need for a solid friendship? I'm so glad you and Ryan came. It was fun catching up with Ryan and getting to know you better. Let's get together again and celebrate something, dang it!


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