Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I'm posting this after midnight. So it's actually Wednesday. So this whole post is a lie (which is quite ironic).

  • I hate water on my face. I avoid swimming underwater at all costs. Also, every time I wash my face, I am legitimately afraid that I'm going to drown myself.

  • This year, I set up two Christmas trees in our house (as pictured above). I feel like a stuck up Christmas snob. Honestly though, the house looks so cheery right now and it makes me happy. 

  • I bought a bag of peppermint taffies. Brian and I can't stop eating them. If we suddenly get diabetes, you'll know why. 

  • I have the loudest laugh in the world. Sometimes BWell starts mimicking it, which makes me laugh harder. These embarrassing laugh attacks sometimes last for over 10 minutes. 

  • Speaking of embarrassing, I looked out the window this evening to see the snow falling and in my excitement, I whacked my forehead against the glass. I figured I better announce that happened myself since tomorrow Brian will probably start telling people. He thought it was funny. 

  • I am obsessed with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. We watch a couple episodes every night. It's interfering with washing dishes at night, but I think I can live with my decision.  

  • My favorite Disney Princesses are Belle and Pocahontas. When I was little, I actually thought I was Pocahontas. I may have been one of those kids who wore my Halloween costume on other days besides Halloween. But come on, that Pocahontas necklace made out of cheap plastic was so pretty. 

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