Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Truth Tuesday

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  • I woke up sick this morning. So Brian told me to get back in bed and go to sleep. I did just that. And slept through all my classes. I woke up close to noon. That is the longest I've slept in quite a while. 

  • After I fell back in a deep sleep this morning, I had a dream that Brian made me go to a Power Ranger party with him. Everyone there had Power Ranger suits on, including me. I hated it and I didn't want to be at the party.

  • When I was little, I was terrified of Power Rangers. That probably explains why I didn't like the party in the point above.

  • Before I fell back asleep this morning, I made sure to be responsible and sent my professor a text message explaining I woke up ill, wouldn't make it to class, felt horrible, asked if I could do anything, yada yada. All he sent back was an annoying message that said, "K." Who does that? Sends a message that just says, "K"?

  • The professor that sent the "K" message ended up having a pop quiz in class today. I wasn't there to take the so-called quiz. That just pisses me off. I kind of feel like punching the guy in the gut (or a bit below the gut). Of course I won't really. But it feels good to at least type it out.

That's all. I feel better already. Time to watch a movie in bed and cuddle with my pal. 

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