Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Weekend, Please Don't End

I love weekends.

It seems I now live for them.

Last weekend, we cheered our Aggies to a victory at their first home football game. They won. I love my school. We rode the bike to the game. I wore a skirt. We also took Wendy's inside to eat for dinner. Wendy's is the queen of all fast food.

This weekend, we went to a Kalai concert. Which
was held on USU's campus. Again, I love my school. If you aren't familiar with Kalai or his music, I recommend you get familiar. He is wonderful. His concerts are great because he is so random and hilarious. So basically, not only do you get the concert, but it also feels like you're at a comic show. He also has mad guitar skills and a voice of honey. Just sayin. I wanted to share one of my most favorite songs of his with all of you:

 That's all really. The point of this post is basically that I love weekends. And I love Kalai. You should listen to him. He deserves to be listened to. Also, I am pretty sure he buys his clothing from a homeless man, which makes him even cooler than you thought he was before I stated this comment.

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