Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Hairy Situation

In some situations, it can be difficult for an indecisive girl to make up her mind. Everything is not always black and white. Sometimes I just find myself sitting on the fence and thinking, "Oh, that side over there looks nice. But I like this side of the fence too." So then I just sit on the fence, looking back and forth, and things get out of hand.

With my hair anyways.

I need some direction. I am to the point that I'm thinking maybe it's time to try growing my hair out. Maybe I should shoot for some length. Maybe I should be really motivated and grow it real long. Long enough I can chop it all off the minute it reaches the length that qualifies to donate to Locks of Love. With the way my hair grows though, that might take years. But a breath of fresh air might be nice. I've kept my hair short for a while now.

However, maybe I should just keep it short. Stick with what I know I love, stick with what I know looks good. Because every time I see a girl with a short cut, I think to myself, "Dang, that girl looks rockin'!" And then I remember, "Hey, my hair looks a lot like hers. That means I'm rockin' too!" I just love it. I love how vulnerable my neck is. I love knowing the nape of my neck is just naked and not covered up by hair. I love how easy it is to fix in the mornings. I love that I don't have to own a curling iron, since I don't have enough hair to even try curling. I love rarely having to buy hair products because I never run out. And I think my hair loves being short too. My hair is mean. Like if my hairs were alive, I'm pretty sure they'd all be grumpy. I mean, it's course, dries out, the ends get all frizzy. . .since I've had it short it just feels healthier.

But maybe it's time for a change?

So what do I do my friends? Show me some comment love. Give this girl some advice. Do I suffer through the bitter growth process and probably have a mean looking mullet for a while, or do I stick with the short pixie styled cut?

Help a sister out. Cuz I'm lost and need direction. My hair is getting sick of my fence sitting.


  1. Hey Kelsey, so I ran into your blog a couple of months ago and fell in love! And I haven't had the right chance to comment but I decided to be brave and comment today. I LOVE your hair short, I think it looks beautiful on you and the fact you can pull it off makes me really jealous so I say keep it short because you really do look wonderful.

  2. K, you are such a sweetheart. Your comment just made my day. Thanks for commenting and thank you so much for reading, Sarah!

  3. DUDE is this seriously a question on your mind!?!?! You know you are the with your short hair! It's fabulous! I say if you're feeling antsy to try something new just try a different short cut or something? Anyway PLEASE for the love of us all who appreciate your adorableness with the short cut keep it!

  4. ok- i love the short hair!!! BUT. i'm sure you would look absolutely lovely with longer locks! sorry- not a huge help. on a different note, i LOVE your blog and miss you MUCH! Hope you're having a great semester, miss Weller :)


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