Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Truth Tuesday

  • I skipped the gym today and went and bought a cute new outfit for the airport this Saturday instead. I know; I'm flawed, I'm a girl, I like clothes sometimes. I did do an ab workout if that helps my situation out in the slightest.

  • I love my siblings but living at home can be hard. Really hard. At least it has convinced me that my plan of waiting a very long time to have children is a good one. However, there have been many fun moments and it is better than sitting in an empty apartment in Logan, thinking about how Brian is not there. Yeah, being at home is pretty nice.

  • Speaking of being at home, I have noticed that I am using my Idaho accent much more often. Yes, it is an actual real accent. I even read an article for my sociology class about the Southeastern Idaho drawl. I have it. Not all the time, but I fall in and out of it. While at school, I learned to conceal it pretty well. Especially when the moment came to be professional. After this summer, I'll have to break the habit all over again. I honestly don't mind though. I sort of have this sick small-town Idaho pride and I like the way I drrrrrag my rrrrr's out. 

  • Last week, I went four days without washing my hair. Gross, I know. It is summer though and for some reason during the summer months, if I can get away with acting like a barefooted child that lives in the woods then I take advantage of it. 

  • Sometimes I get sick of Michelle Obama. I don't know her and I'm sure she's a very wonderful lady. But really, all the constant talk of how stylish she is? I find most of her clothes ugly. Like she is trying too hard or something. And I'll give her credit, she is certainly much more stylish than the first ladies of the past. But let's get real, the recent first ladies we have had are all like twenty years older than Mrs. Obama. And many older ladies seem to worry a lot about wearing age appropriate things. Mrs. Obama is not that old. She should still be dressing cute or something would be wrong with her. My mom is just a couple years younger than her and have you seen my mom? My mom is hot! Maybe they should start featuring Mrs. Keller in fashion magazines. 

  • Speaking of my hot mom, she recently asked me (in a slightly sarcastic manner) if I would be changing 'A Little Bird Told Me' into a married person blog. Make it into 'The Wellers' or 'Brian and Kelsey Love Each Other' or something like that. I firmly replied, "Of course not." So rest assured, Little Bird is here to stay. I love Brian, but this is my blog. Not his. However, he will obviously be included in many stories since he is sort of a big part of my life. 

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