Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hidden Treasures

On Memorial Day evening, I wandered into my parents' basement to find a few things. While visiting the basement, I found some unexpected treasures. . .  

I really want to improve my sewing skills. I had in mind that maybe somewhere within the next year or so, I could afford to buy a sewing machine. That is when I remembered that I already have a sewing machine. It was sitting in the corner of the basement, just waiting for me to come greet it. 

It is a bit dusty and needs some tlc, but I am excited all over again about my sewing machine. There is one minor part broken on it that I can hopefully get fixed pretty easily. I would rather use this old machine over a new one any day. I am a person who appreciates old things. Sometimes I wonder if I was accidentally born in the wrong time era. But that's fine. I'll live in this era of technology and be a person that appreciates the old that has gone before. 
This machine was my great grandma's (GG's). She left it to me before she died. So it is quite sentimental. I find it ironic that I rediscovered it on the night of Memorial Day. I love Memorial Day. I love visiting graves and thinking of the legend each person has left behind. GG left a legend of family behind, and she left behind a piece of her in this sewing machine for me to enjoy. 
While examining the sewing machine, I realized I had never opened the drawers before. As I slowly pulled the drawers open, I found more wonderful little treasures.  

Bottles of thread, pencils, sewing kits, thimbles, buttons. . . It was glorious. I was beaming as I dug through all the drawers. I imagined GG organizing these drawers and using things out of them. I delicately touched each object and thought how wonderful it was that this sewing machine could be passed down to me.

Old things are absolutely precious. I love the stories they can whisper, if we only listen.

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