Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Best: Glorified Loungewear

shirt: Old Navy, joggers: Smith's Market, sandals: Delias, heart sunglasses: American Eagle 

Oh, hey! A bunch of pictures of me wearing clothes! 

I'm really happy about the fact that joggers are so fashionable right now, because they are basically just glorified pajama pants. Except I can't wear my pajamas to work. I mean, maybe I could. After all, I'm on the radio. You can hear me but you can't see me. But still, I try to keep it semi profesh (that's totally a real word). This past week though, I really struggled when it came to getting myself ready. As many of you probably know due to your running noses and itchy eyes, it's allergy season. And the fun thing about allergy season is that I'm allergic to allergy medicine. Thanks body, you are hilarious. Also, I've been battling a sinus infection for the past two weeks. I even went to the doctor. The doctor! That's a big deal because I have a great phobia of doctors and hospitals. I avoid them at all costs. And I'm on an antibiotic. An antibiotic! I can't remember the last time I was on an antibiotic. Probably grade school? Maybe? Mom? 

So yeah, I don't want to be like, a Debbie Downer . . . but I've been kinda miserable. Especially because I despise being sick. I mean, who in their right mind likes being sick? I'm not good at resting. At all. So I've continued to go to work, do yard work, exercise (or attempt to) during this weird illness and by doing all these things, I think I've stopped myself from getting better sooner. Maybe one day I'll learn my lesson. 

I wore this outfit midweek. Nothing like my favorite floral joggers and a top knot to kick a sinus infection in the rear. Best of luck to all of you fighting off allergies. Take some extra Benadryl for me since I can't (okay, don't really take extra).

And a sidenote: I really do have a major case of wanderlust just as my shirt professes. Ever since getting back from Thailand, I just want to go on more exciting trips. One day I might get Thailand documented on the blog. One day . . . 

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