Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Best: Pro-Leggings As Pants

top: Smith's Marketplace, cardigan: Smith's Marketplace, leggings: AdornIt, scarf: AdornIt, boots: TJMaxx 

I've heard a lot of debate lately on leggings and how they shouldn't be worn as pants or worn at all, because apparently men turn into brutish beasts at the very moment they see the female specimen sporting these tight bottoms. 

Okay, I'm being a little sarcastic. But I think I liked how some random thing on Twitter put it best: 

Dear Leggings-Aren't-Pants-People, 
We know. That's why we wear them. We don't want to wear pants. 

So really, stop getting your panties in a bundle over those of us who wear leggings. At least we aren't nude. If you don't want to wear them, that's great! But we have bigger problems to tackle in this world besides worrying about what another person chooses to wear.

Since I'm a wild child, I've posted some pics of my legging-wearing booty above. I sported this outfit for a laid-back Saturday of errand-running . . . because leggings are the best for that. I'm also getting really edgy and wearing skull shirts now. But only if the skull is smiling and has heart eyes. Oh, and wait until you check out my socks. They are super controversial . . . 
  Really though, aren't they the cutest? I'm that weird lady who loves holiday socks. Brian gave these to me last week and you would have thought he surprised me with a dream vacation or something. I mean . . . socks + terribly bad puns + cute animals = my fave. 

Have a great week! Do not judge a girl by the leggings on her legs but by what's in her heart. I'm deep, I know. 


  1. haha! Love it! You totally rock leggings. I love wearing mine too!

    1. You rock them too!! I just wish we could all rock what we want to rock and be happy, ha ha.

  2. I love that quote more than anything in the world. Because for three months I didn't want to wear jeans, but it was a bit chilly for skirts. So, I bought like, seven pairs of leggings. They saved my life, I tell ya.


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