Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Truth Tuesday

  • I've only listened to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" a million and one times. So maybe old Ed isn't the most drop-dead gorgeous man on the block, but whatever girl snags him up is a lucky woman. Holy smokes, he's romantic. And he adopts cats from animal shelters . . . major bonus. 

  • When we originally bought our house, I thought it was beyond charming that it had a fireplace. However, I didn't know how much we'd actually use the fireplace. Turns out we use it a lot in the winter months (at least when there is no inversion). Last night, there was this wonderful snowstorm going on and so Brian lit a big old fire. Sitting near a fire is one of the most soothing things. We had all the lights off, so the orange glow of the fire was the only light we had. I listened to those flames crackle and watched them reflect and dance across our ceiling for a lengthy amount of time last night. It was the best.  

  • I wouldn't mind going on vacation for a solid month. Just saying. I probably shouldn't be saying that right after the holidays. Didn't I have a long enough break from real life?

  • Brian and I somehow just managed to find out that movies at the theater are cheaper on Tuesdays. Why didn't we know this sooner? I'm a little embarrassed to admit this . . . but tonight we went and saw "Taken 3". I can't help that I love watching Liam Neeson be a bad a**.

  • I've never been too obsessed with board games or card games until lately. I can't get enough game nights, man. Lately I've been loving Spot It and Scattergories. If you want a good laugh, you should play Scattergories with my dad. If you get offended easily . . . then don't play Scattergories with my dad. 

  • I bought a couple fake ear cuffs that I've been wearing on repeat. I really like the look and it's nice because I don't have to commit to getting a second piercing in my ear that I'd probably end up sick of in a few months. And to be honest, I like feeling a little rebellious. I'm Mormon, so a lot of us don't have tons of body piercings. So yeah, I sort of like tricking my friends into thinking I got a second piercing. I'm obviously easily entertained.  
Now here are some random photos of life to end this nonsense. Sadly, I'm not wearing my ear cuff in any of them:

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