Sunday, June 1, 2014


Our long weekend was a good one. Brian and I spent the entirety of our Saturday out in our yard. It was an exhausting day of planting, digging, mowing, and running into plenty of tree roots with our shovels (I'm convinced that our whole yard is just an entanglement of tree roots). We went to bed that night tired but happy. I love yard work. I would do yard work over house work any day of the week. We also put in a fire pit, which I was very excited about. So excited that I posted about it on Facebook.

On Sunday after church, we packed a bag and went to my in-laws. We would spend Memorial Day with them, visiting graves and getting our first rays of sun out on the boat. On Sunday night, I got an Instagram notification. I had been tagged in a photo. Apparently a couple of my high school buddies decided to drop by the bungalow, wanting to burn stuff with me in my new fire pit. This is the photo they tagged me in . . .

Captioned: Visiting our pal Kelsey! #probablyshouldacalledahead #watchdog #didntevenbark #cantfigureoutthethreehousedoor #wecametoburnstuff #stillchillinontheporch #munchthepooch

I was pretty distraught I missed my dear friends, more distraught that my dog makes friends with complete strangers who sneak in our yard, but very amused by the photos.

Then on Monday morning, I found this lovely on Facebook . . .

Not only do they sit on my porch and befriend my dog, but the next day they meet up with MY family for breakfast (this was completely accidental, they did not plan it).

Finally on Monday evening, we made things right with a weenie roast in my yard. Good friends are the best. I hope I can always stay in touch with these hooligans from my high school years.

Now . . . who else wants to come over and burn stuff?!

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