Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Best: Sheer Terror

top: Pink Zone, leggings: Adornit Shoppe, sandals: Fashion Box, necklace: Downeast Outfitters, earrings: Smith's, watch: Fossil 

Some days I feel like being risque, so I wear a see-through shirt. Things could be worse, right? At least I remembered to wear a bra. Also, one of the fellow deejays I work with jokingly asked if he could borrow these leggings. I told him sure, because they are the softest leggings ever so he probably would want to try them out. Plus, they are stretchy and one-size-fits-all.

I wore this getup on Friday. After work, BWell and I went to dinner with friends. We then felt like scaring ourselves with our friends so what else would a group of young adults do? We sneaked into the graveyard after dark and chanted some stuff around the weeping woman statue. Legend has it she will cry tears of blood . . . but nothing happened. After that adventure, we were feeling rather brave so we may or may not have gone to the nunnery* (read about that urban legend here). Then we stayed up late talking about scary legends and watching scary movie trailers. 

Even though we all had a grand old time, I still think the the most terrifying thing was my extremely sheer shirt. 

*I have been intrigued with St. Ann's Retreat (the nunnery) for years now and I totally don't think it's haunted. The property is beautiful and I actually have this crazy notion that one day I'll own it. ;) 



  1. Thanks for linking the article! I of course have heard of the rumors of the nunnery but had never read actual facts on it. Interesting! I freak myself out though so I never went to it myself :)

    1. I thought it was a pretty informative article. I honestly was mostly just scared that a mountain lion would jump out of the dark and eat us. Wasn't too nervous about any nuns or ghosts. You could own it ;).


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