Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Best: The Lipstick Tragedy

And then Munch came along and stole the show. I need to take modeling lessons from him . . .
coat: Adornit, blouse: Kohl's, jeans: Head Over Heels, flats: PacSun, earrings: Adornit 

I wore this outfit on Wednesday. I even wore lipstick which made me feel pretty snazzy.

I'm a radio deejay on a Top 40 station. Sometimes we have tours from schools come through to check out what a radio station is like. On Wednesday, a tour of middle school students came to visit. My station is pretty popular among the middle school students, so I was excited to introduce myself and play it cool with them. Luckily, I was also dressed to impress. They came into the station, said hello nervously, and started asking my questions about what it's like to be a deejay on the radio. Then we took a group photo together.

Immediately after they left, I realized I had lipstick smeared across my front teeth. Fail. So much for tricking any teenagers into thinking I'm cool. It must be true what they say. I have a face for radio.

Here's to a brand new week of daring to wear lipstick! Also, my coat I'm wearing from Adornit? It's a true work of art. Heart eyes for forever.

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