Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Current Events

Current mood: Restless. It might be the change in the weather, and now I'm just wanting summer and to be outside always. It might be the fact that I know I'm going on vacation in a month. I don't know what exactly it is . . . but I'm feeling restless to the point of losing my mind.

Current project: Brian and I made a headboard for our bed over the weekend. Fine, Brian made the headboard and I told him what I wanted it to look like. That husband is mega talented. I love that I get to benefit from his skills. I'm so in love with our bedroom. I'm actually excited to make the bed and put laundry away nowadays because the room just looks so darn good when it's clean. It's crazy how putting forth a little effort on something can change your perspective. I kind of hated our bedroom before. Now, after a couple Saturdays of projects, it's my favorite room in our bungalow.
The headboard has lights behind it too. Here's a photo to show that off . . . but just know it's much cooler in person.

Currently craving: Chick-fil-A!! I wanted those nuggets and that Polynesian sauce very badly for lunch today. But I resisted and had a hard boiled egg instead. Still can't get those waffle fries and a Cherry Coke off my mind though. Why does all the good tasting food have to be so bad for you?

Currently reading: Flygirl by Sherri L Smith. I bought this book on a total whim. It was used (but still in stellar condition) and only cost $3. It's truly a treasure and one I'm glad to have on my bookshelf. I have an obsession with books set around WWII time. The story follows a black girl who passes for white so she can join the WASP organization. It's absolutely crazy to me that people were and still are treated differently because of skin color. This book has also made me extra grateful for the women who came before me who were brave enough to follow their dreams (in a time when it wasn't so popular for women to do so).

Currently watching: I don't watch much television. Yesterday I made the mistake of turning it on when I got home from work, only to discover a marathon of America's Next Top Model was on. I immediately got sucked in and watched three episodes. I cleaned my kitchen during commercial breaks so it aint all bad.

Current tunes: I've been on a late 90s/early 2000s kick. Third Eye Blind radio on Pandora has been my jam lately. Like the rest of the world, I'm also obsessed with Uptown Funk.

Currently looking forward to: Our big vacation to THAILAND!! I cannot wait to kiss an elephant. Not looking forward to that looooong flight though. Hopefully I'll get some reading and writing done.

Currently wearing: Combat boots, grey jeans, grey shirt, and a maroon button-up . . . complete with a baseball cap. I'm real classy casual today.

Currently eating: I've been eating yogurt with granola mixed in every morning like it's my job. Freaking delicious.

Currently loving: My new hair for spring, courtesy of my lovely cousin, Megan. She did such a rocking job. I'm obsessed. I'm also loving this spring weather. Going outside and hearing birds chirping makes my heart so happy. They've been eating out of our bird feeder like mad lately. It's fine, I'm just sort of a crazy bird woman.

Currently wanting: A bengal cat. Google them and you'll want one too.

Currently missing: My little bro. I'm ready for him to come home from his mission already. I know he's doing great and important work, but I'm just getting antsy to hug him, argue with him, and laugh with him again. It's going to be awesome having him in Logan with me this fall.

Currently avoiding: Cleaning my office. It's bad, guys.

Currently trying: To go to bed earlier (so I can get my butt out of bed earlier), to drink more water, and to communicate more with the Man Upstairs.

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