Saturday, July 10, 2010

Me, Mary, and a Goose

I've had a recent obsession with reading Mary Higgins Clark books. She's said to be the greatest suspense thriller author of all time, and boy is that true! Geez Mary, what have you done to me? I loved reading her books in high school, but I kind of have been on a little drought with all reading, not just Mary. I don't like reading droughts. Because I love reading! Sometimes it's just hard to make the time to sit down, relax, and enjoy a book. The world gets so busy. I know. I like being busy, but I also enjoy getting lost in a book. The way the story can grasp me and pull me into a different world; the characters become real to me and their worries become my worries. Their wants become my wants. It's almost creepy, actually it is pretty creepy. I guess I'm just a bookworm creep. Anyways. . .

This evening I had this crazy itch to read some of my book. Right now I'm reading, "Loves Music, Loves To Dance". It's about this crazy killer that makes girls dance with him, kills them, and then puts a slipper on one of their feet. He's up to about 7 girls right now. And I'm only on page 78 or something. Out of control, I know. But along with this crazy itch, I also had a crazy itch to enjoy the nice weather outside. So I made a wonderful compromise. I went to First Dam (one of my favorite spots thus far in Logan) to read my book.

I perched myself on a rock by the water and read away! I felt so content with life for the hour I was there. I kept getting distracted by my duck friends that were quacking away nearby, but I still managed to get deep into my book. At one moment when I was vigorously turning through pages, I sensed someone near me. I thought maybe the whole mystery book thing was really getting to my head, but then I looked up to see a giant goose sitting next to me. I love these kind of geese. They're extremely ugly, but that makes me merely love them more. They're giant, and have big, bulging bumps on their heads. They also make this horrible, obnoxious honking noise. I wish I could demonstrate, and typing it just wouldn't do it justice. He was just sitting there, inches away from me, his beady eyes frozen on me. I could have easily reached out and hugged him. But I decided I didn't want to ruin my perfect day by getting attacked by my giant goose friend. He sat by me, watching me read for about ten minutes. Then a little boy splashed through the water and chased him away. I was half tempted to yell at the little boy, but I decided that would make me look like a crazy bird lady. Shortly after that, I left. I hope my goose friend will sit and read with me again sometime. I hope I can find the time to read again. . .very, very soon. I must know what happens, and which character is the murderer.

I went on a run after my reading time. I was a little on edge from my intense book, so I found myself being very grateful that Cache Valley is the safest place in the country. Pretty much. I ran to the temple and back. It was grand. The Logan temple is gorgeous. It looks like a legit castle, more so to me than other temples. Seeing it brought me comfort and I no longer had to worry about a man coming to get me and put a dancing slipper on my foot. The sun had just gone down. I LOVE summer nights when the sun has just gone down! The sky was a magnificent background to the lovely temple. The sky faded from a slate blue, to light purple, to pink, to orange. I looked at one of my dream homes that's right across from the temple too. A big, yellow sucker with an amazing yard, complete with an iron gate around it. How wonderful it would be to live across the street from the temple. Then I got thinking about it more. . . How horrible it would be to live across the street from the temple. I would probably feel guilty every day. I'd feel guilty if my kitchen was messy even. Or what if you were watching a movie and it said a naughty word?

There are many things to wonder about. Like living across the street from the temple. Or who the murderer in my book is. Or why that goose was watching me so closely. And I'll just keep wondering. Because I quite enjoy wondering. Just like I enjoy running, reading, and goose friends.

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