Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trampoline Jumping in a Dress

This may sound improper. Trampoline jumping while wearing a dress. But I'm not talking about what's proper and what's not. I'm talking about taking little risks. I'm talking about taking something as simple as jumping on the tramp, and turning it into something unique. I use to think I had to grow up to be someone important. A big deal. I thought I had to impress people. I'm starting to get a little wiser though, and I'm realizing that being important has nothing to do with how big a deal you are. Every single person is someone important. The real trick is realizing for yourself just how important you are. I'm fiding out more and more about myself every day. I'm also realizing that every day can be made into something different. Something memorable.

Today I jumped on the tramp while wearing a dress. I love trampolines. They're possibly one of my more favorite things in the world. I also had steak on the grill. Steak is possibly one of my more favorite foods in the world. My dad made it for me. Possibly one of my more favorite guys in the world.
This weekend, I also had a fun sleepover. This sleepover was at Brian Weller's house. Brian is my "boyfriend". Not my boyfriend. "Boyfriend". There is a difference. I have never liked the word boyfriend. But that's a different story entirely, so we won't get into it. The weekend with him was an adventure. We went to a wedding reception in Sandy, and then ventured to his beautiful home in Eden. I like visiting there. His parents are such nice people, and I love Drake the dog. That night, we sat in the hot tub for a while. Before we went to bed, I managed to tear the shower curtain down. I felt bad. Luckily, I didn't do any permanent damage and I didn't get banished from the Weller house. Thank goodness. On Saturday morning, we got up early to watch the Ogden marathon. I was able to cheer on Amy and Kev (my amazing aunt and uncle). They ran in the half-marathon. Brian and I also went on a nature walk. Later that evening, we went to Robin Hood. I thought it was an awesome movie. It made me want to shoot bad guys with arrows and swing a huge sword around. Ok, not really. But kind of.

Tomorrow will be another adventure. I'm officially moving into my summer apartment. The past week has been great just being at home with my family. I'm really going to miss them. It feels like I'm moving away all over again. Trying to be a grown-up. But I'm also excited. I have much to look forward to. It's time to turn to a new chapter in my book. It won't be a dull chapter. That's for sure. I'll be doing much more of this trampoline jumping in a dress. . . .and other risky stuff.


  1. Kelsey I just want you to know that you've inspired me to get out of my box and do something 'risky' :) Thanks for that.

    p.s. my word verification thingy was aturderur haha weird.

  2. good luck in your new apartment kels! be sure to bring all your disney movies with you :)


  3. Randee, I am glad to hear that I managed to inspire someone. Amazing. Ha :).

    Rach, I totally would if I could get those movies away from my little sis. I'll work on it.


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