Thursday, May 13, 2010

I never worried about starting a blog until now. I thought it looked fun, but I figured I wasn't the type of person to have a blog. What types of people have blogs you ask?

1) People trying to sell you things. Like the lady that makes soap at her house. Then pretty soon she has too much soap, and her kids are sick of smelling like sugar cookies and/or flowers. So the lady thinks, "I'll start a blog and sell my delicious soap so the WHOLE WORLD will smell like baked goods!!"

2) People with little kids running around destroying things. But on the blogs you'd never guess the children destroy things. . .or that the M-O-M probably yells at them when they do. Because on this type of blog, there will just be beautiful pictures of the children and the mother will go off about her little angels.

3) Married people

4) People with a lot of emotions. They can write in journals all they want, but it doesn't help any because they want everyone to know what's up. Maybe it's Blogging Therapy or something like that. I guess if it makes these people feel better, then I'll let it fly.

5) People that are in secret clubs or gangs. It's like a "group blog". That way, if you aren't part of the group, you can look at the blog and feel left out. Then you can spend all your time trying to join a gang that has a "group blog" so you'll feel a sense of belonging. My mom has one of these "group blogs". It's "Weston 1st Ward Activity Days". . .or something like that. Every time she talks about uploading pictures to it, I feel really left out. Why doesn't she take me on bike rides, or teach me to eat healthy, or teach me to crochet?

I don't fall into any of these categories, so I never thought it appropriate for me to have my own blog.
  • I make things, but I'm pretty sure the only person who would buy any of it would be my mom, probably out of pity and love.

  • I don't have any children to brag about.

  • I'm not sick enough in the head yet to get married. . .plus I'm still really young.

  • I'm not overflowing with emotions. I once had a person tell me I have the brain of a boy. Go me. My life is not dramatic. It is simple and happy. And I like it.

  • I am not in a gang. However, maybe this will be the next goal on the list.

I have realized something though. If I want to start a blog, I can start a blog. Even if the only person that reads it is me. No one will stop me. Besides, I learned something while at college. Yes, I actually learned something. Looks like I'm getting my money's worth. I need to write more. Since I think I'm majoring somewhere in the journalism department, it's something I need to do. Write, write, write. So a blog might help. Any ways, here's my first entry to my blog. I'm now Kelsey Keller. . .the blogger. Man, I feel cool.


  1. Kelsey, I'm your first follower, yahoo!!! I love the blog and would love to follow it. You're awesome!!! I think you can add another reason #6 People that have interesting things to say and can add a new twist. I look forward to many new posts.

  2. Ha ha! YES, I have a follower!!! Thanks Cindee! I'm still trying to figure all this stuff out. Hopefully I can post some interesting things in the future. Thanks for the support! :)

  3. Hey, look! I figured out how to be a follower! Somehow, I also made you a follower of your own blog. Sorry! I look forward to reading everything that you have to say, buying everything that you make, and you are welcome to come to Activity Days anytime!


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