Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer Recap

Today (or maybe it's tomorrow) is the first official day of fall. Fall is my favorite. And I'm all about the change of the seasons. There is something exciting about the air feeling cooler and the leaves turning colors. But for some reason, this year I'm a little hesitant to say goodbye to summer. I guess it was just extra sweet this year. I could go on and on with the memories . . . but I'll keep it short. Here's a mini recap of my top ten favorite summer moments, in no particular order.

1. Costa Rica 
Vacationing is ALWAYS the best part of summer, let's get real. Especially when it means getting another stamp in my passport. 

2. Lake Powell
Again, vacationing, best part. Brian comes from a big boating family and they take at least one trip a year to Lake Powell. They've been super nice to me since I know . . . not a lot . . . about boating. But I love Lake Powell! The red rock, the water, the stars at night . . . it's a much needed escape during the busy summer months. You eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're tired, and do whatever the heck you want the rest of the time.  

3. Hiking 
Without a doubt, hiking will always be at the top of my summer to-do list and at the top of my summer favorites list. Hiking is such a spiritual experience for me. I'm a very anxious person. My mind constantly races, so quickly that I rarely even have control of my thoughts. Brian is constantly asking me, "What are you thinking right now?" I usually want to answer with, "What am I NOT thinking?" Going on a hike is one of the few things I've found that will turn my mind off. It's my saving grace. And when I'm in the mountains, it's the closest I feel to my Heavenly Father. It's moving to be out and about in His Creations. Hiking inspires me to create (one of my favorite things). It also inspires me to be still (something I constantly struggle with). The photo above was taken on one of my favorite hikes to Naomi Peak.  

4. Becoming a motorcycle mama 
When BWell first presented his idea to buy a motorcycle, I couldn't have been more against it. It's not that the idea of motorcycle scares me, although it probably should, it's more that I'm a tightwad. I'm so against having toys and things that just take up space. After much convincing from that husband of mine, I finally caved. There were a few conditions. He had to sell his car and get a cheaper vehicle. He jumped at the idea. I'm glad things played out this way because, oh my holy gosh, the motorcycle is SO much fun! I'm hoping we can fit in as many rides as possible before the snow hits. And don't worry, we wear our helmets. Safety first!

5. Family reunion at Lava Hot Springs
Lava Hot Springs is the quirkiest, little resort town. My grandma held our family reunion there over a weekend in the summer and we had such a blast! We spent the days at the pool, floating the river, and eating ALL the food with ALL the calories!

6. Late night fires 
I persuaded Brian to put a fire pit in our yard. Best idea ever! We've had a countless amount of fires in our yard, sometimes with a huge group of friends, sometimes just me and BWell. I do have a slight obsession with s'mores, so thanks to this pit I may develop diabetes. Seriously though, I think one reason this summer is a favorite is because we finally have our own yard! It's been pure magic spending our first summer in our bungalow. While I love fall and winter, I'm going to miss reading in my hammock, hanging out in the tree house, eating dinner on our ridiculously huge deck, and watching movies and playing Just Dance on the lawn (we stole my parents projector and hung a huge sheet from our roof). I love having a yard. I've loved saying goodbye to the awkwardness of sharing grass with  other town home dwellers. The only downfall is that if there's dog poop on the grass, I can no longer blame my neighbor. :)
7. Being a redhead 
Oh, I miss being a ginger!! I recently went back to brunette and I already miss my fiery red locks a ridiculous amount! While the life of a redhead was a lot of fun, it was also a lot of work. The color faded fast with all the swimming and sun. I definitely was not a fan of all the upkeep but I was a major fan of everything else.

8. One Republic concert
 I got Brian tickets to One Republic for his birthday. We are both huge fans of the band, so we were in heaven the whole night. They are a dream live. American Authors and The Script opened for them . . . both awesome bands. You just can't beat a night of good music. Obviously music is a big deal in our household. I mean, Brian is a musician himself and I'm a goofy radio deejay.

9. Having family in town 
Both of Brian's siblings live out of state so we are lucky when we get to spend time with them. Luckily, we got to see quite a bit of them and their cute families. We had fun playing up our roles as the cool uncle and aunt. But really, they thought Munch was way cooler than both of us.

10. Seeing Wicked with my mom 
Both my mom and I have wanted to see Wicked for a while now. I was tickled when she invited me to go with her after she somehow magically got tickets at last minute. The musical was amazing, but really, we could have been pulling weeds and it would have topped my summer list. Hanging out with my mom one-on-one is always the best!

**Bonus: Starting my own online magazine for women. Check it out at It's been a full-time job on top of my real full-time job, yet it's been SO worth it. I'm overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I've received, and it's been empowering to meet new people and make connections.


  1. Your summer looked super fun! I saw Wicked in Vancouver :) It was amazing!

    1. It was a really great summer. Didn't you just love Wicked? It was so creative. I think the original Wizard of Oz story still has my heart though.


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