Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Truth Tuesday

I'm baaaaaaack! At least for tonight. Don't expect this all the time. Sheesh, it's not like we're in a serious relationship here. Without further ado, a few truths for this glorious Tuesday . . .

  • Today was National Hammock Day, which I'm all about. Purchasing a hammock a few months ago was one of the better decisions Brian and I have made as a couple.
  • People who are constantly talking about their diets and workout plans are annoying. They just are. So don't be that person, puh-lease. I'm all about being active and healthy, but just do it and avoid talking about it constantly. Most of your friends probably don't care how much kale you consume and P90X isn't all that exciting of a topic to chat about. Just avoid making random interjections about how swoll you are. It makes everyone uncomfortable. 

  • I sleep on my side curled in a little ball. How do you sleep? Luna sleeps like . . . I don't even know how to explain it so I'll just show you . . .
  • We finally hung our diplomas up on the wall today. It's only been a year since we graduated. What's the big rush? 

  • Brian is taking me on a surprise trip and he won't say where we are going. It's both adorable and terribly evil. All I know is that I need to get a new passport, I need to pack a swimsuit, and we will be hiking. Any guesses? 

  • I had to retake my passport photo today because they made a new rule that you can't smile in your photo (I was unaware). Apparently you want to look like an angry person who might bomb a plane in your passport photo. Who knew? 

  • I know the secret to getting rid of the hiccups. 

  • My mom is my hero and I wouldn't be surviving life right now if it weren't for her. She's been such a huge help with my new endeavor, Sharing Shine. I also love my dear friend, Melanie Gunnell for sacrificing so much of her time to take our photos. She took this little candid shot of me and my mom before a Sharing Shine road trip to Boise. 
  • I'm totally in love with summer this year. I'll be so sad when our love affair ends. Good thing I also adore fall with every fiber of my being. 

Good night, dear friends. I'm outta here. I'll leave you with a car selfie I'm slightly embarrassed about. But hey, sometimes your hair looks nice so you just need to document it. 


  1. Ok ok I love hammocks. A ton!
    I'm going to guess...Tahiti! A girl can dream right? And live vicariously :) But yeah I seriously look like I'm going to kill someone in my passport picture.

    1. Tahiti would be gorgeous! I have a few ideas of where he might be taking me . . . but I'm really not sure.

      I also look like I'm going to kill someone. My photo I took in that wouldn't work was really cute and I looked like a happy little traveler. I went to Walgreens to have them take my new one. I seriously look so angry in it but I guess it's not the worst. The Walgreens guy said he thought I looked "very pleasant" in it. He must get a lot of angry looking people, I guess.

  2. I'm glad you did indeed spend time in your hammock... I heard you on the radio say you were going home to do that! Ha ha!

    1. Yeah, I was proud of myself. I even took a nap in it! I think I need a designated hammock nap every day. If only, right?


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