Sunday, June 13, 2010

"If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail..."

We've all heard this popular quote. And I'd just like to say. . . .I hate it. I probably hate it because it makes me feel like I'm bound to be a failure. I'm horrible at planning things. So I usually choose to just not plan at all.

I remember one Friday night my senior year of high school, Catherine told me I had to "plan" beforehand what we were doing that night. No spur of the moment stuff. Catherine is a good planner. Don't ask me how our friendship has lasted so well for so long. Ha. So I tried very hard to do as I had been told. And this is how the night ended up going:

First, we ate food from Pizza Villa on the decorative bench in front of the court house. I'd always really wanted to. I never understood why they just had a random bench in their flowerbed. So we sat there and ate as the sun went down. We sat and ate until a cop kept watching us. Then we got nervous and fled.

After that we purchased treats from our childhood, such as: Bottlecaps and Cowtails.

Basically the kind of candy you remember being so delicious when you were about six, but it's really quite nasty.

To end, we sat in the slides at the grade school playground and told secrets.

Overall, a pretty lame plan. We do really cool things when the group lets me plan in-the-moment. So cool I can't even say on this blog. You'll just have to wonder the rest of your life I guess.

I really hope that it's a huge lie that you'll be a failure if you don't have a plan. Because to be honest, I don't have a plan. I'm just trying to find things out day by day. I've always felt bad for the poor people that are always sticking to their grand life plan. . But I'm starting to worry maybe I'm the sucker. What if I'm suddenly 80 years old, still not going anywhere? Gah. So many people have their occupation planned out, they know when they want to have a family, they know what size of family, they know where they want to raise this family. They probably even have their funeral planned for crying out loud. I don't even have the rest of my day planned out.

The other day at work, one of the other staff asked me a question, "If you don't mind me asking, why did you apply for this job if you're majoring in journalism?"

Back up off me, woman.

But seriously, being a journalist you always have to expand your horizons. . . .so I can do anything and it applies to my major. So take that.

Also, I don't even know if I'll be a journalist for sure. It's fun stuff. I've loved the classes thus far. So as for now, it's journalism for me!

And the optimist in me says, "You don't need a plan. Plans don't work out any ways." Plus, even if this job doesn't apply to my major, maybe it applies to something in my life down the road that I can't see yet. You never know.

The other night, I was telling Shay about some difficult incidents that happened at work and I said with confidence, "This job makes me feel like being a mom someday will be a piece of cake!"

Wise Shayla said in reply, "Maybe that's what this job is for. To overcome your fear of one day being a mom."

She's so smart.

Of course I want to be a mom. I think. Do I? I like kids. A lot. But it freaks me out thinking of having kids that are "my kids". Scary. And it's not even the giving birth part that gets me (don't get me wrong though, I don't even want to think about having a baby come out of me). I don't want to fail as a mom. And honestly, I wonder sometimes if I'd be any good at raising a family at all. At least I can put it off for a good 10 or 15 years more. And let's hope Shayla is right. Which she usually is.

Shayla also freaked me out the other day when she randomly asked, "Kels, what do you want your wedding dress to look like?" Wedding dress? Whaaaa? I want a white one?

"You can't tell me you've never thought about how you want your wedding. At least a little bit."

Never have.

"Not ever?"


She laughed.

She also said she'd help me plan everything if I ever do get married. Either that or it looks like I'm getting married in an XXL white t-shirt. I think I can find one for pretty cheap.

I guess I'll keep going on with no plan. But you know something? I'm determined to put all the people that do have plans to shame. Take that. Ha! And besides, if you don't have a plan, you never fail really. Since you never planned something that might be failed at acting out. I basically plan on being happy. And I know I won't fail at that.


  1. I can back you up 100% with the whole job thing! I worked with disabled kids for years just because I thought it would humble me and help me to grow. I am majoring in health promotion and that doesn't apply either but it definitely strengthened me. I say keep going with it! Who cares what others say. Also, it will FOR SURE make motherhood seem much easier. love ya! xoxo

  2. You guys are so cute i love you both!! You are both amazing!!

  3. What?!?! You worked with disabled kids too? When? That's awesome!!

    Love you too Lex. :)


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